Congratulations, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on being back to work at the Supreme Court after recovering from cancer treatments! Ginsburg is widly recognized as the legal architect of the women's movement, which is why we thought it was fitting to have her be our first 'herstory' episode for season two of the Mrs. Feminist Podcast!

What is Herstory? You may be familiar with history; the class we all take in High School, see memorialised in thousands of books, played out on the big screen and consistently celebrated. I have always loved learning more about history, but for a long time it truly was only HIStory. The narratives of women were lost, discarded and overlooked. Herstory is a movement to bring to light the stories of the women throughout history who, alongside the men, shaped our world into what it is today. 

There is a lot to love when it comes to the notorious RBG: She graduated from law school top of her class in a time where universities did not even have bathrooms for female students. She recognised many laws discriminated based on gender, and won landmark cases that changed this. She was voted into the supreme court 96-3, beloved by conservatives for her unwavering dedication to the constitution and the liberals for her passion to see progressive change. She also was an incredible wife and mother, and her and her husbands relationship was #feministmarriagegoals. 

One of her professors once told her, "the law must not change with the weather of the day, but with the climate of the era." That really stuck with her, and it has similarly stuck with me. 

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