I want to share something radical with you. It is something I have felt deep in my soul for a long time now. Lisa Bevere likens the feeling to that of a lioness waiting to awaken, waiting for the right time, waiting for the right words. 

But now the sun is rising and something wild deep inside me is stirring and it is time for a shift in the atmosphere. 

I started this blog last November with the goal that I was going to rebrand feminism for what it truly is: equality. I was passionate about women's empowerment, specifically within the church, but did not want to make this a God blog. I had the crazy idea that focusing in on how feminism relates to Christ and the Christian church would limit me, as if we are ever limited by our Father. 

But here's the thing: One of the final strongholds of toxic patriarchal ideas is the Christian church. 

As I have discussed the subject of feminism I have been assaulted with out-of-context bible verses, skewed interpretations of Jesus' ministry as it relates to women and blatant ignorance towards the ways women are made to feel less-than in the church. As the protests grew louder, the fire in my heart grew bigger, because I know my God, and my God believes that women are valuable, too. 

I won't pretend I'm brave when I'm not. I know that focusing in on how the church has hurt women is going to make people angry. I know that having these discussions will be uncomfortable and painful. But I also know that God gave me this voice for a reason. 

Jesus made me a feminist. The heart of His ministry was love; coincidently, this is also the heart of feminism. It is the belief that everyone is a valuable part of creation. It is love, love, love.  

I believe that when we go to heaven and stand accountable for everything we did here on earth, our mighty savior is going to embrace us in his arms and tell us that we are loved, loved, loved. And when he reflects on the moments we judged, disparaged, condemned and destroyed, his heart will break. 

I have such a powerful visual in my heart of God holding me in his arms, a tear rolling down his cheek as he says to me in a voice that has moved mountains and soothed the storms, “You have no idea of the breadth of my love.” 

The Christian church has forgotten the breadth of Christ’s love. Sects of it still believe that others are not as loved by God simply because of their gender. They believe that a woman's place is exclusively in the home, that a woman's prayers are scandalous, that a woman spreading the good news of the gospel has no spiritual authority. 

This was not God's dream for humanity. 

So, are you ready for something radical? Because I am. I am tired and I am broken and I am scared, but I am so ready. And as I have waited and prayed and cried out to God, I have been told time and time again to be still. To wait. To listen. But the time has come and I feel God’s love pumping bravery into my aching heart and I can’t stay quiet anymore. 

So, in Bevere's wise words, it is time to arise. 

"Arise, lioness."